Become an escort lady

The lucrative and adventurous life of an escort lady.
The complete guide.

You have a penchant for the extraordinary and love new acquaintances and exciting experiences? Under the slogan “Escort lady become” these and many other seductive experiences waiting for you. The escort service promises a colorful change from everyday life and offers style and class as well as romance and sex appeal – who does not faint at this thought? The way there is marked by some obstacles and stumbling blocks. What you need to look for and how you can finally get the best deal for you, you’ll find out in the guide below.

  1. What exactly does an escort lady do?
    1. definition
    2. Escort or prostitute
    3. Checklist for the escort existence
    4. This is how an escort date works
    5. Fee
  2. How does an escort service work?
    1. definition
    2. So you find a reputable agency
    3. That’s how you apply
    4. The first casting
  3. Escort tips
    1. Frankfurt am Main
    2. Leipzig

1. What exactly does an escort lady do?

1. Definition of escort lady

The term escort lady comes from the escort service and describes women who offer their company for an individual fee for a certain period of time. In the vernacular, such an escort lady is also called escort lady, escort girl or short “escort”. The activity sometimes comes from a form of prostitution, but does not reflect it in a classical way. In contrast to a prostitute, which offers purely sexual services for a fee, the work of the escort lady covers a wide range of services. This can be a hotel, restaurant or event visit, weekend trips or longer holidays, cultural events or other public appearances.

To become an escort means to follow these rules:

  • The escort service describes a secondary activity and requires a major occupation
  • weekly manageable dates
  • only dates over two hours
  • high-class appearance, educated character, communicative and self-confident
  • no reduction of the service to sexual acts

If you want to become an escort lady, you can look forward to a predominantly high-earning clientele. These are mostly business people, managers, diplomats and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

2. Escort or prostitute

In addition to your physical and mental requirements, your own needs and desires play a decisive role in this question. Do you have only an erotic appearance and seductive curves or can you convince with style, elegance and brains? What is more for you – the purely sexual lust or the additional exchange on an intellectual level with an interesting counterpart?

In the former variant, we would recommend working in a brothel or as an independent “love servant”. The second variant, however, fully and completely corresponds to the service of an escort lady. There is absolutely nothing wrong with both occupations. Here you should decide for yourself whether you want to be an escort lady or rather reduce your service to purely sexual acts.

Erotic love servant

3. Checklist for the escort existence

Attractiveness: If you want to become an escort lady, you must be able to show a certain degree of attractiveness as a basic requirement. An objectively appealing appearance requires athletic fitness, a healthy diet and a well-groomed appearance. Even if tastes are different, most customers prefer escort-ladies with the described characteristics.

Style and class: Above all, versatility and a feeling for the right choice of clothes are required. An escort lady should feature both elegant opera dresses and business-ready blazers and pants, as well as playful lace dresses, urban rock outfits and sexy lingerie.

Communication: As an escort lady you have to give more than just speech and nice words from you. An interesting and varied conversation is the cornerstone of your work and ensures a happy and satisfied customer. You do not have to quote Goethe or see through the economic construct of the banking sector. However, for up-to-the-minute topics from the newspaper and a lively exchange on various topics, you should be the right contact person.

Self-confidence: If you want to be an escort lady, then you must be able to meet your counterpart at eye level. Your customers do not want to get to know a timid doll, but a lady who can handle the daily demands of a stressful everyday life.

Eroticism: Of course, sex plays a crucial role in your work. Therefore, you should not only love the game of eroticism, but master it perfectly if possible. From seductive glances over gentle touches to unbridled pleasure, you offer your customers an unforgettable ecstatic experience.

Mobility and availability: Before you decide to become an escort, you should know that you sometimes have to travel a lot in this profession. Even if you can not take on any date because of your main job, you should at least keep a few evenings and weekends free for your customers. In addition to inner-city appointments, multi-day trips can always be requested. Be prepared to be mobile and to have a certain level of availability.

4. This is how an escort date works

It has to be said that the classic escort date simply does not exist. Your service is designed for exceptionality and always surprises with individual requests and processes. Of course, there are certain dates that happen more often than others. These include restaurant and event visits followed by hotel stays, extensive business lunches, city trips or even opera visits. Likewise, a customer can also invite you on a weekend trip on his yacht, to a stadium visit, body flying or in the climbing gym. If you are an escort lady, unique surprises await you on every date.

5. Fee

There is hardly any other side job that offers young women such a merit opportunity as that of the escort service. The estimated fees range between 350 and 600 euros for a two-hour rate. An accommodation offer can even bring in up to 2,000 euros. How high each Honor ultimately turns out depends on various factors. This includes:

  • Attractiveness of the escort lady
  • offered scope of services
  • cooperating escort service
  • Experience and regular customers

2. How exactly does an escort service work?

1. Definition of escort service

First of all, an escort service is usually a reputable agency offering escort services. Corresponding service providers deliberately distance themselves from pimps or comparable professional groups. An escort service primarily organizes dates for escort ladies, advertises their services, is a direct contact for customers, fulfills individual wishes and acts as a true all-rounder for all questions relating to escorts.

If you are also interested in becoming an escort, be aware that you are never in an employee relationship with an escort service. Agencies serve only as an intermediary. You cooperate as an independent escort model with these and make your own decisions. Of course, every escort service can decide for themselves which lady he takes into his portfolio. A mutual agreement about dos and don’ts often helps here. Should the chemistry between you agree, both sides benefit from a lucrative togetherness.

2. So you find a reputable agency

In general, you should assume that established and well-known escort agencies act seriously. As in every industry, there are a few black sheep here as well. Therefore, you should pay particular attention to the following things:

1. A reputable agency always has a professional website. This is considered her figurehead and also says a lot about the desired target group. Here is also worth a look at the imprint, which should contain all the important information such as the business address and statutory information.

2. An agency that takes you into their portfolio without getting to know each other can not be serious. This not only raises a questionable business conduct, but ultimately harms your own reputation as well.

3. In a cooperation between you and an agency, a cooperation agreement should always be set up. This regulates the contractual cornerstones and secures both sides against any legal inconvenience. If an agency rejects such a contract, you should immediately dissociate yourself from this service provider.

3. That’s how you apply

If an agency has done its job properly, then you can quickly find the right contact person for your application via Google or various advertisements. Most of these can be done online by filling in an appropriate form or by sending an e-mail with your key data. Most agencies will come back to you within 1-2 business days and express their interest or disinterest.

As soon as you have announced that you want to become an escort lady, the escort service will arrange a first telephone call or meeting. You do not need to be afraid of such introductory talks. They are usually quite harmonious and relaxed. Of course the agency would like to get to know you better and ask for your services. Here you should be completely honest and give yourself as you are in reality.

4. The first casting

As mentioned above, any reputable agency will want to make a personal impression of you. So if you want to be an escort, you have to prepare for a “job interview”. This can be done on site at the agency or in a cafĂ© or restaurant. By no means should you ask for a questionable desire, such as testing your sexual performance or the like. received. Escort services only want to get to know your outward appearance and personality during the first casting. Everything else is considered dubious.

If the chemistry between you is correct, the inclusion in the portfolio of the agency is the next important step. For your Sedcard, a professional photographer will take photos of you. In addition you should bring varied outfits and above all a good mood. Finally, you can hope for a good and lucrative cooperation.

3. Escort tips

Frankfurt am Main

You want to be an escort lady in Frankfurt am Main and still looking for the right escort service that fits perfectly with your ideas and services?

Prive Escort is considered the first point of contact for all interested and new escorts in the Rhine-Main areas. The agency has firmly established itself in the scene over the years and offers a comprehensive service. These include an online sedcard, a solid customer base, excellent advertising space and a personal and friendly service. The high-class escort service offers you absolute professionalism and an all-round carefree service.

Jaguar Escort operates the only VIP escort service for Frankfurt am Main and the entire Rhine-Main area. The agency specializes in a lucrative customer base and places high demands on its cooperation partners. If you want to be an escort here, then you open up a whole new world of glamor, splendor and unforgettable adventures. Jaguar Escort offers you a professional online sedcard and gives you interesting customers. Here are special experiences waiting for you.

Diva Escort has been under female management for 15 years. Our long-standing, reliable customer base knows that our personal service is not just part of Frankfurt am Main. Passion and desire for adventure is one of the prerequisites that a personal escort lady should bring with her only then is a successful date possible for everyone. Your and the satisfaction of the man are our top priority. We value the desire for a harmonious cooperation at eye level and never let the escort lady’s wishes out of sight. The agency needs the complete organization of the date so every lady can flexibly organize her free time and change to her previous date.


The agency “Relaxing pur” from Leipzig stands for level, exclusive conversation, fairness, reliability and of course for breathtaking women. The focus is on the satisfaction of their customers, their wishes and requests, because it is your highest asset. This business credo looks back on a very long experience of “pure relaxation”. “Pure relaxation” does not treat his ladies as a commodity that can be used. The processing of purely sexual desires is not part of the corporate philosophy of this agency. The agency knows its hostesses personally. They value neatness, eloquence, intelligence and charisma. For their ladies, they regularly organize hostess meetings, so that everyone can learn from each other and participate. This is combined with a coaching, especially for new hostesses to be the perfect companion at the side.

The media reports very often and very differently about the job as an escort. Again and again we experience that young women who submit their application to us as an escort in Leipzig still need a lot of tips about these jobs. That is why a meeting in Leipzig and a personal conversation is essential for us. Escort Leipzig is interested in working with women from the Leipzig region, who are sociable and flexible in terms of time. If you are suitable as an escort model, we can offer you a photo shoot in Leipzig. If you would like to become an independent stylish escort in Leipzig, please contact us.